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The Digital Eye Exam that shows you more. 

Tired of the old "Which is better, one or two?" 

Or not being able to decide whether one or two is better? 

With Clarifye, answering that question will be a lot easier.

Clarifye is a new state of the art digital eye exam, that tells us more about your eyes than ever before. The exam is powered by precision optics- taken by a machine named the OPD-III, which is a powerful new refractive and diagnostic 5-in-1 machine. Going into the room, your optometrist will have a basic idea of what your prescription will be before even starting the refraction process!

Clarifye is only available at

Independent Doctors of Optometry

 located in Lenscrafters

This is the 5-1 machine named the OPD-III. 

This machine will take measurements of: 

  • your mesopic and photopic pupil sizes

  • lenticular or residual astigmatism

  • any pathologies

  • retro illumination images

These measurements are taken in under a minute!

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