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Did you know?

Eye exams are considered the most noninvasive way to look inside of the body. By shining a bright enough light through your pupil, a doctor can look at your pulse and blood vessel! This is the reason your primary care physician may emphasize annual eye exams! 

Steeplegate Eye Care is proud to be offering an Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scan alongside routine comprehensive eye exams.

Okay, what's a retina?

The retina is the lining of the back of your eye. To be able to see, light strikes hits the retina, and photoreceptors (rods and cone cells) send the electrical signal to your brain via the optic nerve. Optometrists look at the retina and can diagnose a multitude of different diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even multiple sclerosis!












What do you mean "Scan?"

Unlike previous machines we've had in the past, the new Optomap technology utilizes low-powered lasers. These lasers are fixated to a point beyond the iris, and allows an image capture of about 200 degrees! This type of imaging allows us to see more of your eye all at once. 

Does it hurt?

Not at all! There's a bright flash of light, that we give you a lot of warning for. The bright light only lasts a second, but the information we can gather in that second is immeasurable!

Do I have to do it?

All of our optometrists recommend doing this test at every annual eye exam. This scan allows us to have a more comprehensive look at the health of your eyes, and allows us to document what the doctor sees. In the near future, this type of scanning will become the new standard of evaluating eye health.

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